The wild orchids of Villa Comunale di Atri

Cephalanthera damasonium

White Helleborine
Flowerbed: 1
Blooming: May-July
Specimens: 15

Flowerbed: 2
Blooming: May-July
Specimens: 5

Lady orchid
Flowerbed: 3
Blooming: May-June
Specimens: 90

Bee orchid
Flowerbed: 4
Blooming: April-June
Specimens: 150

Italian orchid
Flowerbed: 5
Blooming: May
Specimens: 5

Broadleaf helleborine
Flowerbed: 6
Blooming: June-August
Specimens: 3

Pyramidal orchid
Flowerbed: 7
Blooming: April-June
Specimens: 60

The wild Orchids pathway

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